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Church Chairs

SLC church chairs from Grosvenor Fabrications are comfortable and durable, convenient and easy to use. They can be stored away quickly and simply when not in use, and they can be used to create a bespoke layout. Their lightweight frame means that they can be easily moved and removed in order to change the layout of your contract furniture, and you can include book pouches in the back of the chair providing a convenient location to store hymn books, service sheets, and hymn books.


We have a variety of SLC church chair designs available for purchase. Choose a silver or gold frame, and opt for plain blue, black or red fabric. Alternatively, you can choose either burgundy or blue patterned fabric. The church chairs have a small frame which makes them easy to stack but also means that they are easy to move around and place in position. Choose the combination of frame colours and seat covers that matches your interior décor and create the best look possible for your premises.


Stacking church chairs are convenient and functional. They can be stored when they are not being used and you can stack up to 10 of the chairs in order to save space and enjoy convenient storage. The lightweight frame makes them easy to create the layout that you want for your church. Although these chairs are commonly used in chairs, they can be used in situation where you need lightweight, comfortable, and attractive seating.

Extra Features

All of our contract furniture chairs are stackable because this offers greater convenience, but you can also opt to have book pouches placed on the backs of chairs, or linking mechanisms so that you can create rows of linked chairs. They are less likely to move and shift around because the chairs lock together into full rows.

Order Today

Order a free chair so that you can check the size, ensure that the design has the appearance that you require. We’re confident that you’ll love the chairs, and you can order the number and design that you want in order to stock your church or other premises.