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Banqueting Chairs

Our range of high quality, durable, and good looking ARQ banqueting chairs include a 5 year guarantee and are convenient and flexible. Although typically used as banqueting chairs, they are ideal for any application where you need the convenience of stacking chairs and the durability that our contract furniture has to offer. You can add book pouches and linking mechanisms if required, and there is a selection of designs to choose from in order to create the look and the layout you require.


Convenience should not come at the price of good looks. Our banqueting chairs are used by restaurants, cafes, and diners, where the appearance and good looks of furniture items is equally as important as flexibility and durability. The burgundy upholstery and the gold frame complement one another, and different back and frame styles mean that you can choose the style that best fits your design and requirements.


ARQ banqueting chairs are convenient and flexible. 10 of the chairs can be safely and conveniently stacked, which means that they can be stored when they aren’t being used or they can be moved when you need additional space. Churches, conference centres, and social centres can all benefit from this style of stacking chair.

Extra Features

As with most of our chair options, the ARQ banqueting chairs come with the ability to add book pouches and linking mechanisms. Book pouches are especially useful in churches, for storing bibles or hymn books, but can also be very useful at conferences and other events where paperwork, brochures, and flyers are handed out to guests. Linking mechanisms enable you to connect the legs of the chairs, creating static rows where the chairs do not move around and collide with one another. The linking mechanism and the book pouches do not prevent the chairs from being easily stacked.

Order Today

You can order a free sample chair to be delivered to your premises so that you can ensure that it has the design you want and so that you can determine whether a particular style and design matches your requirements. Order today to receive your high quality, durable, and attractive furniture for your premises.