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Aluminium Chairs

All of our chairs are designed to be lightweight enough to make stacking easier, but our aluminium framed chairs are the lightest and most convenient option. The frames come in a range of styles and colours, and you can choose from a large selection of attractive upholstered back and cushion designs. Our aluminium chairs are suitable for use in a variety of locations and for any application so whether you are looking for church chairs, banqueting seats, or even chairs for use during meeting and seminars.


The main design feature of our aluminium chairs is the aluminium frame. The frame is lightweight and you can choose from a varied selection of designs, styles, and colours including silver and gold frames. Some chair models have a frame around the back while others are plain backed. The aluminium frames have a carry handle to make the movement and storage of chairs even easier. The choice of fabrics and frame colours means that you can create a customised chair to meet your design requirements and even your branding needs.


Aluminium chairs offer the convenience of being stackable. If you need additional space or you don’t need seating for a particular event or time, you can simply stack the chairs up and place them in storage. The lightweight frames not only make the chairs easier to store, but they also make it easier to shift the chairs around to create the layout and room design that best suits your current needs.

Extra Features

Our aluminium chairs come with carry handles making them easy to store and move; you can also opt for book pouches on the back of the chairs and for linking mechanisms that allow you to connect two or more chairs together. Linking rows of chairs means that they will be less likely to move around, and it also enables you to save space when putting your seating plan together.

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