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Conference Chairs

The ALO stacking chair is a burgundy upholstered and gold framed chair that can be stacked up to 10 high. The chairs are light, making them easy to move around where required, but are strong and durable, while the capability to stack chairs and the ability to include book pouches and linking mechanisms enables you to further enhance the usability and the functionality of the chairs. The chairs are also comfortable, come with a 5 year guarantee, and you can even order a free sample seat so that you can see the quality and functionality of the seat for yourself.


Although the standard conference chairs have a burgundy seat and gold frame, different options are available. You can customise the look of the chairs to match your preferences, so that they match your company or corporate branding, or simply to tie in with the existing decor and design of your interior. Whether you run a restaurant, a conference and exhibition company, or any other organisation or premises that would benefit from convenient stacking chairs, our ALO stacking chairs can create the appearance and the design that you want.


Stacking chairs are extremely convenient and functional, and our conference chairs offer comfort while negating the need to take up all your available space with seating. Stack the chairs when not in use, or move them around easily to create a bespoke layout, and stack and store those chairs that you don’t need. Our banqueting chairs can be stacked up to 10 high, which means that they take up minimal floor space when they are being stored.

Optional Features

ALO banqueting chairs are stackable, but you may also opt to have linking mechanisms added. Linking mechanisms essentially allow you to lock two or more chairs together. You can create rows of chairs, minimise the unused space between chairs, and also ensure that they are less likely to slide around and bump into one another.

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Order a free chair sample from Grosvenor Fabrications today to determine whether our chairs are suitable for your needs and whether the ALO conference chairs are the right option for you. Alternatively, order today to enjoy fast delivery to your premises.