Free Sample Chair Service

Stacking Chairs for Hotels, Banquet Halls, Churches & Social Clubs

When purchasing stacking chairs, we feel it is a very important to select the right chair for your application. Whether you are searching for church chairs to replace pews, hotel chairs for dining and banquet use, or stacking chairs for conferences or social clubs, our team are here to advise you.

There are many different models, colour options and additional features available so it is essential that the correct choice is made at point of order.

We offer a free Sample Chair service on any order over 50 chairs and all we ask is for the carriage charge to be paid which is £15 plus VAT per chair. The chair is sent out on an express overnight service as long as we receive the sample order by 2pm that day. If you are happy with the sample chair and would like to order the balance of the chairs, you can then simply keep the chair and we will credit the amount back to you that you have spent on the sample. If for any reason you do not order the chairs from Grosvenor Fabrications, you can return the chair to us and we will then credit you the carriage charge (£15 plus VAT) without any questions as long as the chair is in the same condition as when you received it.

Looking at websites and brochures offering a range of stacking chairs can be confusing as you cannot be sure of the quality of the chair that you are looking to purchase. We are great believers that if you can look, handle and see the quality of the chair then you are in a better position to make a choice on your new purchase.

By ordering this way you have seen the exact chair you are purchasing and you can order with peace of mind. If you order a sample chair from us and it is not suitable, for example the colour is not correct or the comfort isn’t right, we are more than happy to send another sample chair until you are happy!

We very much look forward to hearing from you.